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This project will explore issues and questions surrounding the correlation between current social practices in contemporary art and education. It grows out of an observation of the overlapping concerns among vital practices in educational and contemporary art that have come to prominence in the past decade, such as community based art, social practice, public practice, and teaching artists. A multiplicity of perspectives will be represented through essays, case studies, narratives, and other writings by a range of artists, teachers, scholars, and others that are active in the field.


Some of the questions to be explored include:

  • How do community practices change the distance between artist and audience?

  • What distinguishes community based art, public practice, and art education?

  • How does the semantic shift between teaching artist and art educator reflect current practices?

  • Can a practice that privileges the artist simultaneously be a social practice?

  • Where does a community or education initiative end and art begin?  

  • What would a pedagogy of radical agency look like in the 21st century?

  • What are some of the innovative pedagogical methods in art education and how has their influence changed art?


Mirroring the practices examined in the text, this project results from collaboration between editors/organizers Annie Buckley and Mary Anna Pomonis and contributing writers. The structure reflects the concept, proceeding or sections mirroring a generative process: Collaboration, Transformation, and Power. Contributors are invited to respond to one of these ideas. Each section includes writings by writers, theorists, and practitioners culled from the fields of art, education, and the overlap between these and will include artists, students participants, and scholars at local and international levels.

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