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Considering Positive Energy as an Art Medium

March 1, 2016

China Adams


In recent years, I have worked with the idea of cultivating positive energy as an art me-dium. I have meditated alone and have organized group meditation events both with the purpose of cultivating positive energy and moving further away from a reliance on physical materials to create art. Continuing in the tradition of Conceptual Art, cultivat-ing positive energy as an art medium is a logical progression in non-object based art making. 

Activating The Collective Creation

March 1, 2016

Jessica Augustin


Matthew McMilon is an interdisciplinary artist, MFA student, and was a part-time faculty member in Art at California State University, San Bernardino in fall 2015, teaching a painting class. That quarter, I was assigned to interview an art teacher in the community. I know Matt because we work together in CSUSB Community-based Art so I asked if I could interview him. Matt was teaching Beginning Painting and, as a painter myself, I was particularly excited to visit his classroom.

Best Friends Learning Gang

March 1, 2016

Dan Bustillo and Joey Canizzaro


The Best Friends Learning Gang is a pedagogical experiment that approaches learning as an embodied, decentralized, collective activity. In an effort to challenge the capitalist model of education, we emphasize the very process of learning over the delivery of a specific product or skill.

The Center for Civic and Embodied Arts: An Interview With Fritz Haeg

March 1, 2016

Mary Anna Pomonis    


I want to start by addressing the origins of this interview; it grew out of a class I was teaching at CalArts that centered on contemporary pedagogy. We were discussing alternative classroom models and the students were very interested in artists who utilize the classroom environment as a means of social practice. Two students in particular mentioned your name as a desired guest, not actually thinking it would be possible, but then I asked and you agreed, which was wonderful.

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cultivating a Culture of collaboration

March 1, 2016

Emily Hopkins


Side Street Projects is a mobile, artist-run organization that supports artists and projects that foster leadership through socially engaged art. The artists at Side Street Projects are social entrepreneurs who work with communities to solve real world problems. We share what we have learned (our model) to strengthen the field of artists who work with communities, schools, and organizations.

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Some raw ramblings on Social Equity and collaboration

March 1, 2016

Emma Kemp


“Earl Gravy—the ongoing collaborative experiment between Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe.”


What’s in a name? There are many reasons to establish a moniker, albeit a silly one. To establish oneself as a corporation, for example. To default on student loan debt. To make a logo. To shape a brand. To employ a Conceptual Art Consultancy firm. To make a website. To utilize Optimal Keyword Density. To make a Facebook page. To make it BIG.

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